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Friday, January 25th 2013

8:09 AM

Elements that Alter Sealing Efficiency

Product makerss all around classes like household chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage business play an increasingly important role in reaching customers' changing necessities and values. They need to establish that their goods get through to their users within good shape. Indecent item condtion caused by leaky, damaged jar or bottle and spoiled or tainted commodities may place the consumers at great danger and the manufacturers of goods perform everything in their capacity to protect against these implications by any means.

Because of the continuing development of useful cognition as well as most advanced methods, the potential for developing a perfect seal every single time is actually plausible.

The employment of the induction sealing method, when successfully carried out, can easily improve the equity of the merchandise. Induction sealing make the container hermetic that consequently offers a seal and that is essentially tamper resistant which eliminates potential problems producing a efficient certified look. The induction sealing system is furthermore perfect to prolong product lifespan and to retain freshness that fosters purchaser confidence.

What Must we carefully consider in a seal:

  1. An excellent seal is reached within a few minutes of the induction sealing process.

  2. For complete sealing - induction foil suppliers highly recommend 24 hours before the best outcome is obtained

  3. Over Heating - Pay attention to any indications of scorching or melting inside the cap

  4. Under Heating - should the foil sealing layer did not melt and bond with the entire rim of the bottle or jar top neck surface.

  5. Proper Heating - is determined when the foil totally seals around the rim of the product and secondary cap lining materials, the bottle neck and the cap are not overheated.

  6. A highly trained operator will be aware of how warm a bottle lid should get before it starts to cool.

  7. An experienced eye will pick symmetric heat patterns in the induction foil and in foam backing material behind some induction foils

The correct Sealing is accomplished if:

  • For non fragile containers, the seal normally can withstand the intensity of dropping without the cap.

  • For easy-peel seals, the seal is easy to remove without leaving behind a foil ring. For permanent weld seals the foil has to be cut.

  • No leak upon being dropped

Attaining the perfect Seal

In order to obtain a uniformly constant seal, container, cap closure, lining material, and induction sealer needs to be well matched. As a way to know the precise pairing, our recommendation is that you seek advice from your cap closure lining material distributor or Induction Sealing equipment supplier. To record the energy transfer window for great sealing results we advise and offer the actual Linepatrolman™.


Plastic containers cover the majority of induction sealed containers. However, glass containers could also be used, specifically for dry goods like coffee. Strategic planning and marketing, as well as the merchandise itself are key considerations in choosing the best container.

Cap Closure

There must be a flat area from the cap closure that should hold the induction liner. Screw on caps make room for a wider range of soft and hard cap lining materials. Frequently, snap on caps should be matched up with softer cap liners. When you use a two part induction sealing material, the cap could possibly demand a characteristic that will retain the backing material upon separation of the two part induction material when the container is opened up.

Lining Materials

The identification of the optimum material for the seal is primarily based on the following:

What method will be carried out when putting in the material into the cap.

Induction Sealer

In figuring out the appropriate device and provider for your induction sealing requirements, make certain that they:

  • The supplier can offer technical advice on the induction sealing process and if necessary participate in the closure and container development side of things where necessary.
  • Make sure that the supplier of induction sealer also supplies lining materials or at least has technical knowledge and able to provide guidance
  • The vendor solely supplies CE safety certified devices. Induction sealing equipment involves very high electric currents and electromagnetic fields. Places like China and India are producing and supplying very low cost options WITHOUT CE certification.

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